Mega Man Battle Network – Side Quests Guide

    Mega Man Battle Network is an RPG, and RPGs have plenty of side activities to engage with! Use our Mega Man Battle Network Side Quests Guide to do all of the extra content!

    Hidden Objects

    Check out these locations to get some nice little bonuses.

    Location Item
    Dinner table, Lan’s House (Ch. 1) Recov10 A
    Classroom 5-B on a bookshelf Spreader J
    Desks in the School 2F Hallway X-Panel1 B
    Medicine Cabinet in the Infirmary Recov30 G
    A Library bookshelf Escape H
    Teacher’s desk in the AV Room Repair A

    Chip Trading

    There are several NPCs that you can trade battle chips with!

    Location Wanted Chip Received Chip
    AV Room, ACDC Elementary (Ch. 2) 30 MetGuard A BstrGard A
    Infirmary, ACDC Elementary (Ch. 2) 3 Invis1 I Shotgun K
    Near Mayl’s house (Ch. 3) FireTowr F DynaWave R
    Near Yai’s house (Ch. 4)
    • Escape F
    • Escape H
    • Escape J
    • Escape L
    • Escape N
    KngtSwrd G
    Waterworks Office in Govt Complex (Ch. 5) CannonBall H BstrPnch C
    Den Block 3 (Ch. 6)
    • Shotgun K
    • CrossGun K
    • Spreader K
    • M-Cannon K
    (GBA) Recov300 C

    (OSS) Recov300 L

    Restaurant in Govt Complex (Ch. 7)
    • Invis2 J
    • Cloudest K
    • Ratton3 L
    WoodAura C
    Filter Room in Waterworks (Ch. 8)
    • WoodMan3 W
    • SkullMn3 D
    • SharkMn3 S
    • DropDown B
    • IronBody C
    HeroSword B
    Classroom 1-B, ACDC Elementary (Ch. 2) Dash G Repair H
    Govt Complex (Ch. 5) Repair H Hammer M
    ACDC Metroline (Ch. 6) Hammer M X-Panel3 S
    Storage room, ACDC Elementary (Ch. 8) X-Panel3 S BstrBomb D

    Quiz Battle

    These are basic quizzes that are fairly easy to do and you can retry indefinitely.

    NPC Location Reward
    Quiz Kid (Ch. 7) Summer School, Den City Ratton1 E
    Quiz Master (Ch. 8) Power Plant, in front of the Control Room Ratton3 M


    There are a few NPCs you can help out. Achievements are tied to completing these in the Legacy Collection.

    Location Reward
    Old Man by the ACDC Metroline (Ch. 4)

    • Check the tree to the right of the bench in the ACDC town park.
    Recov80 G
    The man by Vending Machine in Waterworks (Ch. 5)

    • Jack into the vending machine to solve the problem
    Repair G
    Man in the top right of ACDC Town (Ch. 6) 10,000z

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