Mega Man Battle Network 6 – Version Differences

    Everything you need to know about MMBN6 Cybeast Gregar and Cybeast Falzar versions!

    For the Mega Man Battle Network 6, the versions are MMBN6 Cybeast Gregar and MMBN6 Cybeast Falzar. There are various differences between the two versions ranging from unique bosses and graphics. Check out this guide to learn all about the Mega Man Battle Network 6 Version Differences between Gregar and Falzar versions!


    Each version has different enemy encounter lineups and their dropped chips have different codes.

    One of the main differences has basically no bearing on anything, but it’s neat. The decor and colors of many areas are completely different between versions! 


    • All story related events to the Cybeast depends on the game version.
    • The final round of the Operator Navi contest have different characters:
      • Gregar: ChargeMan.
      • Falzar: DustMan.

    Extra Text

    • The Humor NaviCust Program has unique scenes when equipped.




    • Gregar Beast
    • Heat Cross/Heat Beast
    • Elec Cross/Elec Beast
    • Slash Cross/Slash Beast
    • Erase Charge/Erase Beast
    • Charge Cross/Charge Beast


    • Falzar Beast
    • Spout Cross/Spout Beast
    • Tomahawk Cross/Tomahawk Beast
    • Tengu Cross/Tengu Beast
    • Ground Cross/Ground Beast
    • Dust Cross/Dust Beast




    • 001-Bass F
    • 002-BigHook H
    • 003-DeltaRay Z
    • 004-ColForce Q
    • 005-BugRSwrd V
    • —- – Gregar X
    • 007-HeatMan H
    • 008-HeatManEX H
    • 009-HeatManSP H
    • 010-ElecMan E
    • 011-ElecManEX E
    • 012-ElecManSP E
    • 013-SlashMan S
    • 014-SlashMnEX S
    • 015-SlashMnSP S
    • 016-EraseMan K
    • 017-EraseMnEX K
    • 018-EraseMnSP K
    • 019-ChrgeMan C
    • 020-ChrgeMnEX C
    • 021-ChrgeMnSP C


    • 001-BassAnly F
    • 002-MetrKnuk N
    • 003-CrossDiv D
    • 004-HubBatc J
    • 005-BgDthThd V
    • —- – Falzar X
    • 007-SpoutMan A
    • 008-SpoutMnEX A
    • 009-SpoutManSP A
    • 010-TmkhMan T
    • 011-TmkhManEX T
    • 012-TmkhManSP T
    • 013-TenguMan T
    • 014-TenguMnEX T
    • 015-TenguMnSP T
    • 016-GrndMan G
    • 017-GrndManEX G
    • 018-GrndManSP G
    • 019-DustMan D
    • 020-DustManEX D
    • 021-DustManSP D

    Bosses and Link Navis


    • HeatMan
    • SlashMan
    • ElecMan
    • EraseMan
    • ChargeMan
    • Gregar


    • SpoutMan
    • TenguMan
    • TomahawkMan
    • GroundMan
    • DustMan
    • Falzar

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