Mega Man Battle Network 5 – Version Differences

    Everything you need to know about MMBN5 Team Colonel and Team ProtoMan versions!

    For the Mega Man Battle Network 5, the versions are MMBN5 Team Colonel and MMBN5 Team ProtoMan. There are various differences between the two versions ranging from unique bosses and graphics. Check out this guide to learn all about the Mega Man Battle Network 5 Version Differences between Team Colonel and Team ProtoMan versions!


    Each version has different enemy encounter lineups and their dropped chips have different codes.

    One of the main differences has basically no bearing on anything, but it’s neat. The decor and colors of many areas are completely different between versions! 


    From what I understand, Colonel version is actually more canon. It seems that some of the info revealed in this version connects to Battle Network 6 better. Sadly I like Proto Man more, so I picked that one…

    • There are various changes to the script due to version-exclusive characters.
    • Different story beats play out slightly differently in a handful of scenes.

    Double Souls and Chaos Unisons

    Team ProtoMan

    • Proto Soul
    • Magnet Soul
    • Gyro Soul
    • Napalm Soul
    • Search Soul
    • Meddy Soul

    Team Colonel

    • Colonel Soul
    • Knight Soul
    • Shadow Soul
    • Tomahawk Soul
    • Number Soul
    • Toad Soul


    Team Proto Man

    • 001-DeltaRay Z
    • 002-BigHook G
    • 003-Bass F
    • 004-HolyDrem H
    • 005-BugCurse C
    • 006-DethPhnx D
    • 022-ProtoMan B
    • 023-ProtoMnSP B
    • 024-ProtoMnDS B
    • 025-GyroMan G
    • 026-GyroManSP G
    • 027-GyroMnDS G
    • 028-SearchMan S
    • 029-SerchMnSP S
    • 030-SerchManDS S
    • 031-NapalmMn N
    • 032-NaplmMnSP N
    • 033-NaplmMnDS N
    • 034-MagnetMn M
    • 035-MagntMnSP M
    • 036-MagntMnDS M
    • 037-Meddy M
    • 038-MeddySP M
    • 039-MeddyDS M

    Team Colonel

    • 001-CrossDiv C
    • 002-MetrKnuk M
    • 003-BassAnly F
    • 004-OmegaRkt R
    • 005-BugCharg B
    • 006-Phoenix P
    • 022-Colonel C
    • 023-ColonelSP C
    • 024-ColonelDS C
    • 025-ShadoMan S
    • 026-ShadoMnSP S
    • 027-ShadoMnDS S
    • 028-NumbrMan N
    • 029-NumbrMnSP N
    • 030-NumbrMnDS N
    • 031-TmhwkMan T
    • 032-TmhwkMnSP T
    • 033-TmhwkMnDS T
    • 034-KnightMn K
    • 035-KnigtMnSP K
    • 036-KnigtMnDS K
    • 037-ToadMan T
    • 038-ToadMnSP T
    • 039-ToadMnDS T

    Bosses and Teams

    Team Proto Man

    • ProtoMan
    • MagnetMan
    • GyroMan
    • NapalmMan
    • SearchMan
    • Meddy

    Team Colonel

    • Colonel
    • KnightMan
    • ShadowMan
    • TomahawkMan
    • NumberMan
    • ToadMan


    Progress Chip Gate

    The Navi Data Chip you can use is dependent on the game version.

    BassCross MegaMan

    BassCross MegaMan’s abilities are version dependent.

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