Mega Man Battle Network 3 – Version Differences

    Everything you need to know about MMBN3 White and Blue versions!

    Starting with Mega Man Battle Network 3 the games started getting two versions. For the third entry, the versions are MMBN3 White and MMBN3 Blue. There are various differences between the two versions ranging from unique bosses and graphics. Check out this guide to learn all about the Mega Man Battle Network 3 Version Differences between White and Blue versions!

    General Differences

    One of the main differences has basically no bearing on anything, but it’s neat. The decor and colors of many areas are completely different between versions! Check out Lan’s House and the rest of ACDC Town.

    Stores have completely different stock between versions. You can coordinate with a buddy so that you can trade each game’s unique Battle Chips.

    Each version has different enemy encounter lineups and their dropped chips have different codes.

    Story Differences

    Not many differences here besides version-exclusive bosses and some extra dialogue 

    In Chapter 7, the Navi who you fight for Rank 2 is different depending on the version:

    • White: MistMan
    • Blue: BowlMan

    Exclusive Style Changes

    Each version has an exclusive Style Change and the NaviCust Chips that go with said exclusive Style Changes.

    • White: Ground Style
    • Blue: Shadow Style

    Version Exclusive Chips

    Mega Chips

       # White                   #     Blue 

    • 70 MistMan M           74     BowlMan B
    • 71 MistManV2 M       75     BowlManV2 B
    • 72 MistManV3 M       76     BowlManV3 B
    • 73 MistManV4 M       77     BowlManV4 B

    Giga Chips

        #   White                    Blue

    • 01 NavRcycl                FoldrBak 
    • 02 Bass X                   Bass+ X
    • 03 Serenade S            DarkAura A
    • 04 Balance Y              DeltaRay Z
    • 05 AlphArmΣ V           AlphArmΩ V

    Version Exclusive Bosses

    There are a handful of exclusive bosses between the two versions.

    • White: Mist Man
    • Blue: Bowl Man, Punk

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