Mega Man Battle Network 3 – Side Quests Guide

    Mega Man Battle Network 3 is an RPG, and RPGs have plenty of side activities to engage with! Use our Mega Man Battle Network 3 Side Quests Guide to do all of the extra content!

    Chip Trading

    NPCs can be found across the game that lets you trade your chips.

    Location Chip to Trade Received Item
    Girl, School Lounge Hall SonicWav W ElecSwrd P
    Man, SciLab Lobby Shake1 S VarSwrd B
    Man, Hotel Front (Yoka) FireSwrd P IceStage 
    Man, Editing Room (DNN) HoleMetr H Rook F
    Man, TV Studio (DNN) Shadow J AntiSwrd Y
    Boy in Class 5-B Bubbler C WideSwrd C
    Woman in TV Station Hall 2 (DNN) WideSwrd C Recov120 S
    Old Lady, near ACDC Elementary Recov120 S DynaWave V
    Man, Hospital Lobby DynaWave V GrabBack K
    Woman, Four Hades (Lava room) GrabBack K ZeusHamr Z

    Quiz Battle

    NPC Location Reward
    Mr. Quiz Boy, Ura Inn Hall RegUp3
    QuizMaster Man, Ura Inn Outdoor Bat HPMemory
    Quiz Queen Girl, Hospital 3F Barr200 E
    Quiz King Old man next to the elevator, Hades Isle Navi+40 


    Obtain the WWW-ID by completing the “Help with rehab” Job BBS.

    Location Item
    ACDC 1 Panic C
    SciLab 1 CustSwrd Z
    Undernet 1 HP+200 NCP (Pink)

    Navi Ghosts and Security Cubees

    Defeat these NetNavis to unlock Security Cubes.

    Location Reward Defeat
    Undernet 2 BlkBomb2 S FlashManβ
    Undernet 3 Lance S PlantManβ
    Undernet 4 StepSwrd M BeastManβ
    Undernet 6
    • WeapLV+1 NCP 
    • Undernet 7
    Undernet 6 Aura F BubbleManβ
    Undernet 7
    • GutImpct J
    • Guardian O

    Bass GS

    • Use 300 BugFrags at the Trader in Secret 3 u. Bass GS will then appear after jacking-out and then jacking back in.

    CyberSimon Says

    Across multiple Cyber Squares, there is a Normal Navi that you can challenge for CyberSimon Says. Enter the correct number of buttons within 1 minute. If you succeed, you will be rewarded.

    Location Successful Rounds Reward
    Yoka Square 60 1 BugFrag
    Beach Square 90 5 BugFrags
    Under Square 99 30 BugFrags


    Play a gambling mini-game with this Navi to get some extra cash and chips!

    Location: Vending Comp, SciLab 
    Starting Wager: 100z

    Round  Reward
    1 200z
    2 400z
    3 800z
    4 1600z
    5 3200z
    • 6400z
    • Prism H


    Location: TV Board Comp, DNN TV Station Hall 2
    Starting Wager: 500z

    Round  Reward
    1 1500z
    2 4500z
    3 13500z
    • 40500z 
    • StepSwrd L


    Location: Vending Comp, Hospital 
    Starting Wager: 1000z

    Round Reward
    1 4000z
    2 16000z
    2 64000z
    • 256000z 
    • GutStrgt O

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