Bayonetta Origins – Vitality Petals Guide

    Vitality Petals can be gathered to increase Cereza’s maximum health. Use our Bayonetta Origins Vitality Petals Guide to help gather as many as possible!

    When Cereza collects 5 Vitality Petals she will get another HP Flower, thus making her hardier. Gathering as many of these as possible will make the challenges Avalon Forest has to offer much easier to deal with.

    Vitality Blossoms

    You receive a handful of Vitality Blossoms over the course of the game. They give a full HP flower right off the bat. These are gotten after defeating certain story bosses.

    Saving wisps

    • 2nd reward
    • 4th reward

    Tir na nog Vitality Petals

    The main way of getting Vitality Petals is through the many tir na nogs. They are in chests right before the end of most tir na nogs.

    • Eerie Light: Jade Hill – first tir na nog in Jade Hill (story required)
    • Prison of Thorns: Jade Hill – north section of area, down the right side path next to the Sanctuary
    • Calamity: Leafy Nook – south of center section of area. (story required)
    • Limitations: Lake Nimueh – near Leafy Nook exit in south part of area.
    • Rotation: Sunspeckled Grove – southeast of area near Lake Nimueh exit.
    • Pursuance: Sunspeckled Grove – Upper region of the area. Can be reached after getting Wood Cheshire. Located in a circular room at the top of some stairs after crossing a bridge you must drop down.
    • Puncture: Sunspeckled Grove – Eastern Lower Region of the area
    • The Jest: Faerieland Tower – Western Lower Region of area (story required)
    • Illusion: Faerieland Tower – past the gate that Metalhead unlocks for you after saving him.
    • Off the Rails: Faerieland Tower – After being chased by the Faerie train you’ll wind up at the bottom of some stairs. Go up them and go down the stairs to your left. (Upper Region southern part)
    • Guidance: The Watchtower – The northernmost platform, Upper Region
    • Bravery – On the story path after obtaining Cheshire’s Stone Form. Head down just a little bit after fighting the driller faeries for the first time. (Forgotten Knoll, Mid-Region, west)
    • Critical – Go back to the slide that brought you to this area after getting Stone Cheshire (south Upper Region). Head down from the slide platform, you’ll see mushrooms serving as a platform. Follow the path heading up and you’ll see a bouncy mushroom that Stone Cheshire can use to launch you. Continue along this new path, cross through 2 gates, and take the left path (southern Upper Region).
    • Plunging Down – Return to the area with Stone Cheshire. You will find a see-saw to the left of the Arcan Lantern in the Upper Region. Use the see-saw to launch Cereza over the Western platform. Use the valve to retrieve Cheshire. Repeat this process with the second see-saw. Leap over the upper middle platform. Climb up to the tir na nog.
    • Stomping Grounds – This one is required for story progression. After crossing the tightrope to the Northern Lower Region you’ll be in an illusion. Be careful because the ground disappears in some sections. Use your brace to reveal illusions, watch out for pitfalls, and avoid crushing plants. You’ll reach the tir na nog with perseverance.
    • Dark Projection – Story Tir na nog (Wyvern Falls)
    • Acceleration – Story Tir na nag (Chalkroot Hollow)
    • Revengance – After unlocking Plant Cheshire you can drag down a wall in southeastern Lake Nimueh. This will take you to Sunspeckled Grove (Lower Region South) and directly into an illusion with this tir na nog.
    • Compression – Story required. Chapter 8 after getting Water Cheshire. Follow the story path near the Leafy Nook Sanctuary.
    • Sleet & Hail – Story required. Follow the Chapter 11 story path (Lower Region far north)
    • Imposing Light – Story required (lower region)
    • Primordial – Along the story path (Lower Region)
    • In a Flash – Return to the area after getting Water Cheshire. You can now reach the northern parts of the area. This tir na nog is just to the north of the Sanctuary, use the nearby lily pad to get to it.
    • Cursed Chains – Return to the area after you get Cheshire back. If you progress normally through the area by going north from the Sanctuary you will come across iron bars Cheshire can break. The tir na nog is down this new path right behind a fire you can magically absorb.
    • Deliverance – Just south of the throne room where you fight Puca.
    • Blinding Dark – Return to the section of the tower where you had to use giant gears as platforms. Now that you have Cheshire you can drop down a ladder. This new path has the tir na nog down it.

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