Bayonetta Origins – Moon Pearls Guide

    Moon Pearls are integral to Cereza for learning powerful Skills. Use our Bayonetta Origins Moon Pearls Guide to find them!

    Moon Pearls are used to unlock powerful skills for Cereza, so be sure to get as many as you can!

    Check Your Map

    Be sure to check your map. Completing Tir na nogs will show you new icons, as they obscure sections of your map. Using this guide along with the tools the game gives you will lead you down a road to success!

    Bayonetta Origins Map


    Jade Hill (0) 

    Leafy Nook (0)

    Lake Nimueh (1)


    Sunspeckled Grove (2)

    • After completing the tir na nog, Puncture, go back a bit to where there was a box that you can move. Move it under the ladder and climb up. Grab the chest and head up until you find a crystal with a witch trapped in it on a ledge. Head up more and there is a  plant that you can dance to. It will float in the air. Make sure Chesire is across the little step in the water, and use his wood form to pull Cereza on the floating plant to the crystal with the trapped witch.
    • After reaching the Windy Knot in Chapter 6, you can progress up that area until you reach a spring mushroom. Instead of heading up, head left. This will lead you to a shortcut into Sunspeckled Grove by using Wood Cheshire to pull down a wall. The trapped witch is just up a tad past this new shortcut. (South Upper Region)

    Chalkroot Hollow (2)

    • (Upper Region furthest to the west) To the West of the Sanctuary. Dance to the plant near the boulders and it sprouts a bomb plant. Use Wood Cheshire to grab a bomb and blow up the boulders. That leads to story progression. However, head south some to see more bombable boulders. Destroy these and you’ll find a trapped witch just a little further south.
    • (Lower Region West). There is a small island in some water. Use Cereza to lift up the bridge. Use Water Cheshire to get on the nearby lily pad and use his waterstream ability to propel through the now-raised bridge. Pick up Cereza and go across to the island with the trapped witch.

    Faerieland Tower (2)

    • Near the Entrance of the area take a left, destroy the thorns in the way, hop across some platforms, and you’ll be right next to a crystallized witch. (southern Lower Region)

    The Watchtower (1)

    • You should see an overhang up the stairs and to the right of the nearby Arcane Lantern. Stand here and hop onto the Faerie train. Ride it until you go by the platform with a plant that Hug Mode Cheshire can grab and fling you to the crytallized witch.

    Forgotten Knoll (1)

    • Complete the Bravery Tir na nog first. Located in the Northern Upper Region after getting Stone Cheshire. You will see a spring mushroom. Use Stone Cheshire to protect Cereza from the lasers then loop around to the mushroom. Bounce with it and you’ll be right next to a crystallized witch. (Upper Region Southeast)

    Windy Knot (0)

    Giant’s Basin (1)

    • Return to the area after getting Water Cheshire. You can now reach the northern parts of the area. This trapped witch is just to the north of the Sanctuary, use the nearby lily pad to get to it.

    Wyvern Falls (1)

    • Head down and left after your second encounter with the Jabberwock. (west area)

    Ashenbark Woods (1)

    • Return back to the area when you have Cheshire back. Take the right route on the northernmost circular platform right in front of Puca’s Fortress. The crystallized witch is super easy to get to.

    Puca’s Fortress (0)

    Forbidden Grounds (0)

    Overgrown Shrine (0)

    Altar of the Faerie King (0)

    Saving Wisps

    After progressing through the story you can start getting rewards for saving a certain amount of Wisps. Your first reward is a Moon Pearl.

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