Bayonetta Origins – Remembrance Locations Guide

    Use our Bayonetta Origins Remembrance Locations Guide to find gorgeous landscapes during Cereza’s journey through the Avalon Forest.

    There are 15 Remembrances.

    Jade Hill

    • Forest Oasis – after the first tir na nog, across the tightrope, after an area intro. Interact with the overlook

    Sunspeckled Grove

    • Presence of Power – Just above the Sanctuary in the western part of the area.
    • There is a shortcut back here if you go right at the Sanctuary in the Forbidden Grounds and follow another path up. 

    Chalkroot Hollow

    • You walk right past it during the story after completing the Acceleration tir na nog. It is in the Mid-Region near water and plants on a wooden path just past the Acceleration tir na nog.

    The Watchtower

    • Right past the train tracks on the central platform directly in front of you as you enter the area from the Faerieland Tower.

    Windy Knot

    • Continue heading up the area. You’ll get a scene about the claw marks. Use the spring mushroom to go up. Avoid the crushing plants. Instead of walking on the tightrope continue going right and you’ll wind up on a top branch with a remembrance spot.

    Giant’s Basin

    • Return to the area after getting Water Cheshire. You can now reach the northern parts of the area. This remembrance is right by the Sanctuary.

    Wyvern Falls

    • Just next to the Sanctuary on a small overlook.

    Ashenbark Woods

    • Return to the area after getting Fire Cheshire. This Wisp is on the west side of the area on an offshoot platform from the tower with the spinning flames. Absorb the magic fire and go up the tower (a wisp is also here).

    Forbidden Grounds

    • Right by the entrance as soon as you come here in Chapter 11.

    Overgrown Shrine

    • Right in front of the Sanctuary.

    Altar of the Faerie King

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