The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses – Manga Volume 1 Review

    Girls are cute with/without glasses!

    This cute little series is getting an upcoming anime! Wanna know more? Be sure to pay attention to our The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Manga Review then!

    Before I Forget…

    The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses (好きな子がめがねを忘れた) is a manga series created by Koume Fujichika (藤近 小梅) and runs in SQUARE ENIX’s Gangan JOKER. The manga can be read in English on SQUARE ENIX’s Manga UP! app and on Comikey’s app/website. There are currently 10 volumes released in Japanese and 2 released in English.

    The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses

    The Framework

    The premise of the manga is mostly explained in the title. Yep, it’s mostly about a boy liking a girl who forgets her glasses a ton! Sounds simple (it is and it’s great for that) but it really does a lot with the concept during the run of the series. This small little gag is a character trait that makes the characters learn about one another and progress their relationship. The first volume does mostly stick to using this concept for cute gags and some character trait establishment.

    The upcoming paragraph will be a brief synopsis of this volume’s story, so feel free to skip it if you wanna go in semi-blind (put on your glasses when reading the volume!). Though upon squinting and inspecting further… I don’t spoil anything specific! So, uhh, sorry for that misunderstanding! Lemme wipe my eyes and focus.

    This volume starts with our main boy, Komura, pining over our main girl, Mie. There are a ton of inner monologues from Komura gushing over how kyuuuute he thinks Mie is. Anyways, Komura sees that Mie forgot her glasses often and helps her out constantly. This closes the gap between them. Which isn’t that large because they’re desk neighbors! Admittedly that 2-foot gap is probably HUGE to a teenage boy like Komura. There are various gags about how awful Mie’s eyesight is and how forgetful she is. Komura learns about her quirks and assists her, making them fast friends. Mie is super appreciative and this leads to both of them enjoying each other’s company.

    Blurry Bits

    The only ‘negative’ things I can even muster to say are that YOU a prospective reader may not like Romantic Comedies or cute things and that this, as the first volume, exhibits the normal weaknesses that first volumes of a series usually have of having that ‘testing the waters’ feeling. To me, this series refines its art, characters, and story as it goes in many great ways.

    Put on your glasses and stick with it or accept it may not be for you. That’s my recommendation to make the image come in clear.

    I may sound a bit defensive on this, but that’s really how I view a lot of things. We, as people, can’t like or enjoy everything! And that’s okay! Though, turning down my defensive shields, I could also see how the basic premise could be a turn-off to even those who love this genre. Me, however, I adore it. I think the simplicity of the premise is what makes it a stronger series in the long run.

    I Can See Clearly

    I don’t need glasses and I don’t need to squint to see how precious this series is. It uses gags to endear us to the characters and learn about them. Don’t worry, while the series is very funny it knows when to focus on characters and when to be serious as it goes on. All the while it consistently stays one of the cutest manga series I’ve read to date.

    I couldn’t put it down and read every chapter I could get my hands on. I have bought every English volume released so far. Reading every chapter on Manga UP! was a must as well! The short of me sharing this information: this quickly became one of my favorite series and a top RomCom to me, personally.


    My diagnosis is that everyone needs to watch and read more (anime and manga)! My prescription for that is to check this series out if you like cute and wholesome things!

    The gags are good, the characters are fun. Underneath, it all is a lot of heart. I believe it only gets better too! I already let you get a peek, so do some homework and check it out for yourself. Though I guess if you DESPISE reading you could check out the upcoming anime.

    The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses is a super cute and well-made series. Volume 1 does a great job of establishing everything and creating a great foundation. Things do get better, but that doesn’t detract from the first volume at all! I’d have to give this one a perfect 5/5!


    Our Omake this time is just gonna focus on some neat and cut li’l things I like about the manga. 

    Firstly, just check out this neat thing the volume release does! On the front insert page, Mie doesn’t have her glasses on! Then, on the back cover… There they are! She remembered them this time!

    The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses


    Something weird is how Mie’s hair color changes in the manga. It starts a more orange color and later becomes a more reddish-pink color. It looks like the anime is going with the newer hair color.

    This review of mine isn’t quite as in-depth as my My Master Has No Tail Review, but I did it intentionally. I love this series and just wanna direct people toward it. Really let some people check it out themselves.

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