Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway II Event Begins March 13

    Romance is in the air.

    HoYoverse announced the second part of the Cozy Couple’s Getaway event for Tears of Themis begins on March 13. Tears of Themis Cozy Couple’s Getaway II includes additional rewards to obtain for a limited time. 

    Starting March 13, Tears of Themis players may earn new Event R cards, S-Chips, and much more by participating in the Cozy Couple’s Getaway II event. Additionally, an exclusive voice message and a special badge may be obtained by completing the event. 

    Here’s an overview of what’s to come in the new Tears of Themis event via HoYoverse:

    Cozy Couple’s Getaway II Synopsis

    The two of you are of one mind as you enjoy the lovely sunshine and gentle breeze together.

    You don’t have to have a strong body to protect someone you love. Be like a flower that withstands the harshest winds. Through sun and rain, it will bloom all the same. Love doesn’t have to be expressed in complicated words. Be like the birds and the beasts that nestle against each other, sharing their sorrow and joy without pretense. A gentle breeze brushes past the lush forest. A warm love extends beyond time and space.

    Romance is in the air. Watch your love grow as you go on a romantic getaway with him…

    Event Overview

    Be of one mind, and enjoy the lovely sunshine and gentle breeze together. Players can accompany Luke or Artem to a tourist destination for a romantic getaway in the mesmerizing landscape of the mountains or by the beautiful tranquility of the lakes. Participate in the event for a chance to obtain free Event R cards, Event-Limited “Overflowing Feelings” Badge, S-Chips, and more!

    • Exclusive voice message!
    • A rate-up for Luke SSR “Prosperous Shade” and Artem SSR “Hook of Love.”
    • All-new dynamic Invitations.
    • Free Event R cards, Event-Limited Badge, S-Chips, and more!

    Event Trailer

    Lastly, Tears of Themis is available now for Android and iOS worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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