M2 Reveals Toaplan Shoot ‘Em Up Bundle Zero Fire

    Another update for DoDonPachi Blissful Death too.

    M2 announced Zero Fire, a bundle of classic of Toaplan shoot ’em up launching in 2023 for modern platforms in Japan. Additionally, M2 provided an update about the upcoming release of DoDonPachi Blissful Death.

    Zero Fire includes horizontal scroll shoot ’em ups Zero Wing and Hellfire, which were developed and released by Toaplan in 1989. Platforms for Zero Fire were not announced, but prior Toaplan Arcade Garage re-releases by M2 indicate a potential launch for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

    Check out the announcement trailer below via M2’s official YouTube channel

    Zero Fire Announcement Trailer

    The upcoming M2 Shottriggers release of shoot ’em up DoDonPachi Blissful Death will be released as DoDonPachi Blissful Death Reincarnation (DoDonPachi DaiOuJou Rinne Tensei). DoDonPachi Blissful Death Reincarnation includes both DoDonPachi Blissful Death and DoDonPachi Blissful Death Black Label. Additionally, the collection is currently scheduled for a 2023 launch in Japan. Platforms were not announced, but the game was shown running on PlayStation 4 (Thanks, Gematsu).

    The latest DoDonPachi Blissful Death Reincarnation gameplay footage is available below:

    DoDonPachi Blissful Death Reincarnation Gameplay Footage

    A worldwide release for both titles were not confirmed by M2. However, M2 plans to reveal more details at a later date.

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    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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