Persona 3 Portable: Maya Social Link Guide

    After playing an MMO, Innocent Sin Online, you meet a fellow player named Maya (in-game in this game!). She’ll help you make your way through the MMO and give you glimpses into her real life. What lies at the end of this budding friendship? Well, this guide will help get you and “Maya” through it! Here’s the P3P Maya Social Link Guide!

    Getting Started

    Unlocks: 4/28 (Junpei gives you an MMO)

    Days Available: Sunday, Holidays

    Location: Iwatodai Dorm Your Room (play your PC at your desk)

    Rank Progression

    In order to complete this Social Link as efficiently as possible, try to have a persona that matches the arcana of the link and use the following list to give the best possible responses to the character. (This guide assumes you have a Persona of a matching arcana to the Social Link)

    • Rank 1: Starting rank
    • Rank 2: Of course – Outside is overrated
    • Rank 3: Oh really? – So you don’t like your job?
    • Rank 4: Why don’t we get married?
    • Rank 5: Don’t you mean S.o.b? – Are you a teacher?
    • Rank 6: Which bastard?
    • Rank 7: Guys only go for younger chicks – Anything
    • Rank 8: Hurry up and tell me already – What’s he like?
    • Rank 9: No way! – Anything works – What are you planning?
    • Rank 10: Final rank

    P3P Maya Social Link Max Rank Persona

    For reaching Lvl 10 and completing this Social Link you gain access to the Arahabaki Persona.

    It can be fused at Level 60. It blocks Fire and Light, resists Electricity and Dark, and is weak to Strike and Ice (it learns passives that nullify these!) Its magic and endurance are high. It has a diverse skillset including: a physical barrier spell, a powerful physical attack, status ailment skill, and a passive skill that lowers the odds of you being surprised.

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