Dead Space – Is There Co-Op?

    Are we supposed to use the buddy system on this planet cracker?

    Now-defunct developer Viceral Games’ 2008 classic Dead Space will see its remake launch later this month, and fans are both excited and hesitant. When an original work is so beloved, every little change can be a point of contention. Despite this, a question being commonly asked is “will the Dead Space remake have co-op?”

    The original Dead Space, released in 2008, was a distinctly lonely affair. Protagonist Isaac Clarke didn’t speak, and most of his interactions with other characters were over a remote communication device. Even in-person conversations would often have Isaac separated from NPCs by glass. Dead Space 2¬†gave Isaac a voice, and then Dead Space 3, the last in the series so far, gave Isaac a partner in Sergeant John Carver. Like Resident Evil 4 had inspired Dead Space, it appeared Resident Evil 5 had inspired Dead Space 3.

    Dead Space 3 is the worst-reviewed game in the series with a 78 on Metacritic. Its reception, critically and commercially, led to the nearly decade-long franchise hiatus being ended by Dead Space (2023). Regardless, it seems the Dead Space 3 co-op made an impact, for better or worse.

    Will Dead Space (2023) have co-op?

    No, the Dead Space remake does not feature co-op. Like the game it’s based on, Dead Space (2023) will be single-player only. While the cooperative play in Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space 3 was considered a highlight of those games, it also was the point both series began to draw flak for losing their focus on horror.

    The impetus behind Dead Space getting a remake is reportedly the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake. Like RE2R, immersive horror very much seems to be the focal point of Dead Space (2023).

    Why are fans asking about Dead Space co-op?

    I’d wager this could be one of two reasons. The first: Dead Space 3‘s two-player action was apparently good, so it’s possible series fans want this to be a recurring feature in Dead Space titles going forward. And the second: as we mentioned, any change, big or small, to a beloved classic can be a source of strife; maybe fans are checking to see if the Dead Space remake has co-op because they’re hoping it doesn’t! Co-op has hampered horror in the past, and it’s possible fans of the genre don’t want to see Dead Space (2023) stumble the same way.

    Have any more questions about Dead Space (2023)? Check out our guide here at Final Weapon on everything regarding its launch!

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