PC-98 Style Adventure Game Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog coming September 2023

    Stories, guns, dogs: what's not to love?

    Astrolabe Games has announced that they’ll be publishing developer Space Colony Studios’ stylish new adventure game, Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog, and that it will release this year on PC through Steam. Astrolabe will also be translating the title into Chinese and Japanese. Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is a visual novel/graphic adventure with a Game Boy-esque color palette and a PC98-style presentation, complete with big borders that incorporate the game’s interface. Gun-Dog‘s art and character design is inspired by classic anime, and its story is influenced by 80’s sci-fi.

    Here’s a rundown on the upcoming 2023 visual novel from publisher Astrolabe Games:

    About Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog

    • War is over. War is just beginning.Planetary Calendar 214. Four years have passed since the end of the Solar War. Our protagonist, scarred from the loss of his crewmates in the war, is re-assigned to the Jovian patrol ship Gun-Dog as it’s dispatched with orders to investigate mysterious signals coming from the edge of Jovian Space.
      Unknown to the Gun-Dog’s crew, a new danger looms deep in the ocean of stars, threatening not just the Gun-Dog but all her crew.
      Take on the role of the Gun-Dog’s security officer as you attempt to save the ship from an unknown assailant whilst navigating the paranoia, conspiracies and vendettas that break out amongst the crew. As camaraderie falls apart can you overcome the challenges that await?

    The Game: A Love Letter to Retro Anime and 80s Science-Fiction

    • Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is a visual novel adventure in the spirit of classic PC-9800 titles. Featuring a vintage green screen aesthetic, Space Colony Studios strives to create an “era-accurate” game that exudes retro vibes in every way, from the text to the visual effects. As the Jovian patrol ship sails into the darkness among the stars, the players will feel like they are on an adventure in an 80s Sci-Fi as they solve the mystery they find themselves in.

    The Story: A New Threat Emerges from the Void

    • Humans have long since freed themselves from the grasp of gravity, but they are still unable to escape the hold of war.It’s year 214 of the Planetary Calendar. Four years have passed since the end of the Solar War and an uneasy peace persists throughout the solar system. The Jovian patrol ship Gun-Dog is sent on a reconnaissance mission to investigate mysterious signals coming from the edge of Jovian space. What starts as a routine assignment quickly escalates into a battle for survival as an unknown threat terrorizes the crew.

    The Gameplay: Investigate. Interact. Analyze. Advance.

    • Utilizing traditional point-and-click adventure mechanics, during your time on the Gun-Dog, you can navigate various locations on the ship, examine the details of the richly realized backgrounds or talk with the different crew members on board. You will need to listen closely to the characters’ words to reveal important clues or duplicitous intentions and keep your eyes peeled for key items and interactive elements in the backgrounds that you can use to advance the story.

    The Setting: Adventure in an Entirely Explorable Ship

    • The main stage of the first installment in the Stories from Sol series, as the Jovian patrol ship Gun-Dog heads into deep space it serves as the setting for the game’s story. It has been exhaustively realized. Rich and evocative descriptions of the ship, including the constant rumble of the engine room, the bustle of the bridge, the silence of space pair with an extensive range of scenes that have been meticulously designed and animated in detail to deliver an immersive experience. Inspired by the best that anime has to offer the ship even features “Armored Frames,” mechanized, human shaped, weapons of war.

    The Characters: Get on Board with the Crew of The Gun-Dog

    • All stories are about people and the cast of The Gun-Dog bring the story to life, so much so that their charm and charisma convinced the team at Astrolabe Games to board the Gun-Dog and sign up to be the publisher. From the elegant yet distant Captain Bartermews, to the bubbly Lieutenant Commander Cassandra Quinn, to the assertive and domineering Chief Mackenzie Cathays, The Gun-Dog features an extensive cast of characters for you to meet. Each crew member has a distinct personality, role and history. Get to know them and their quirks and decide whether to work with or against them to unravel the mystery that lies at the story’s heart.

    Stories from Sol: The Gun-Dog is now available to wishlist on Steam ahead of its September 2023 release.

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