One Piece Odyssey – Is There Turn-Based Combat?

    A look at the turn-based combat found in One Piece Odyssey.

    A seemingly increasingly popular question regarding One Piece Odyssey is will the game be turn-based. With very little time left till the game’s release, is the newest One Piece title turn-based? We’ll dive in and explore the combat system, so let’s get going!

    Is One Piece Odyssey Turn-Based?

    Yes, One Piece Odyssey has turn-based combat. This goes for the combat system of the entire game, not just one section. Each of the Straw Hat members is going to have the ability to play a role in your party through turn-based combat, similar to what you’d find in a game like Dragon Quest. There will be four party members at a time. A detailed description of the battle system is available below, thanks to Bandai Namco:

    One of the major features of ONE PIECE ODYSSEY is the Battle System. We’ve chosen a turn-based command battle system for this game, which allows each Straw Hat Crew member to play an active role in every battle.

    Although a classic RPG command battle system makes the rules much easier to understand, it can also become monotonous in some cases, as players only need to casually press the attack button until all enemy characters are defeated.

    Therefore, ONE PIECE ODYSSEY features a more nuanced combat system in which basic tactics are built on the rock-paper-scissors method, and incorporates a randomized positioning element with multiple areas, to create the “Scramble Area Battle” system.

    One Piece Odyssey: Upcoming JRPG Shows Turn-Based Combat and 2 New Characters - IGN

    When Does One Piece Odyssey Release?

    One Piece Odyssey releases on January 13, 2023. The game will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can find all of our coverage of the game here.

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