A Look Back at Resident Evil Revelations

    All the way back at E3 2010 when the 3DS was announced, Resident Evil Revelations was also announced, exclusively for the system, and it wowed audiences with its great graphics. I remember being really excited about it, and as most people thought, it followed a similar gameplay style to Resident Evil 4. The 3DS, the successor to the wildly popular DS, was much more powerful than the DS and can display GameCube, or PS2-level graphics. The Resident Evil franchise appeared on the DS, in the form of Resident Evil Deadly Silence, a remake of the original PS1 Resident Evil (and it looked similar to the PS1 original).

    However, when the 3DS released in 2011, game experiences could be more ambitious, and Capcom had already announced a port of Street Fighter 4 for the system. Nintendo themselves had announced a remake of Zelda: Ocarina of Time at E3 2010 (well, they kind didn’t actually announce it, but images leaked after). The hype was massive, but would Resident Evil Revelations live up to the expectation?

    Resident Evil Revelations screenshot

    Built from the Legacy of Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 4 played a big part in the development of Resident Evil Revelations. Resident Evil 4 revolutionized third-person action horror games with an over-the-shoulder camera view and great gun mechanics where well-placed shots were really satisfying. Releasing in 2005, five years before Resident Evil Revelations, many games took inspiration from it, including Gears of War on Xbox 360.

    Resident Evil Revelations used many of the same gameplay mechanics as Resident Evil 4 including an over-the-shoulder camera view and great shooting mechanics. It really felt good to pop one of the mutant, infected creatures in the head with a well-placed shot. The atmosphere and setting were also great.

    Great Setting and Cheesy Voice Acting

    Resident Evil Revelations is set on two cruise ships. Most of the game takes place here, but there are sections where you are somewhere in the mountains of Europe and you have default weapons rather than the customizable ones that you usually have when playing as Jill Valentine. The Cruise ships are eerie and damp, and there are mutated human monsters around most corners. The supply of ammunition is generous and you rarely feel desperate for two or more bullets like in the original games. In this way, the game is more similar to Resident Evil 4.

    One good aspect about the game is that the voice acting is awkward but is kind of so bad that it’s good. The lame jokes that the characters make are funny, and somehow you do actually feel for them. Parker Luciani and Jill Valentine’s exchanges are particularly funny, and it does add something positive to the game.

    Resident Evil Revelations screenshot

    Great Monsters

    The enemies in Resident Evil Revelations are quite varied, although not as varied as in Resident Evil 4. The main enemies are grotesque, pale mutants that slowly walk toward you and the animations of their attacks are well done and really show off the power of the 3DS. I feel this game was such an achievement for the 3DS. In terms of other popular, mainstream franchises, Ubisoft was developing an exclusive Assassin’s Creed for the system but unfortunately, it got canceled. It would have been great if they could have built it up to the quality of Resident Evil Revelations.

    The ‘Scaghead’ enemies were particularly horrifying and I remember two of them appeared in the casino section of the cruise ship. These looked like horrific, deformed, monstrosities and took a lot of shots to kill. The ‘hunter’ enemies, which are recurring in the series, look cool, but are quick and deliver a lot of damage. When you’re cornered and there are many of them, you’re in trouble.

    Appearing on Loads of Different Systems

    Soon after Resident Evil Revelations was released on the 3DS, it was ported to loads of different systems including the PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC. These versions had graphical upgrades and quality-of-life improvements. While the 3DS controls could be described as clunky, the other ports had improved controls.

    I played and finished the Wii U version and thought it was great. However, I feel there is something more authentic about playing it on 3DS. The stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS works well, and honestly, it’s just a marvel that it got developed for the system.

    Resident Evil Revelations PS4 screenshot


    Resident Evil Revelations was a great Resident Evil game. It blended the action of Resident Evil 4 with the horror elements of the original Resident Evil, and Resident Evil 2. The cruise ship setting really worked, and the character interactions can be hilarious.

    The fact that it originally was a 3DS exclusive is something that people shouldn’t forget, and it is a great addition to the 3DS library. The graphics are some of the best on the system, and it is probably the biggest third-party game on 3DS. In my opinion, the sequel Resident Evil Revelations 2 couldn’t quite catch the magic of the original, despite being a good game. If you like the sound of the game, there are loads of platforms that you can pick it up for and it’s usually quite cheap.

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