Spy Classroom – Should You Watch?

    Is the anime adaptation of the popular light novel worth watching?

    The Spy Classroom anime has officially begun airing, which begs the question: is it worth watching? We’ll answer that today, alongside other common questions about the series, such as its origins, anime studio, and more. Let’s dive into Lily’s introduction in Episode 1 of Spy Classroom!

    What Is Spy Classroom?

    Spy Classroom is a series that follows a spy team, titled Lamplight. The anime series shows the training of a group of girls to become spies good enough to complete an “impossible mission”, which is unable to be revealed to them. A description of the anime is available below, thanks to HiDive:

    Conflict-ravaged nations now deploy covert operatives instead of missiles. Lily is recruited into spy-training… but her practical skills are absolutely abysmal. Desperate to pass, she leaps at the chance to join the mysterious “Tomoshibi” team. Too bad the team is filled with even more hopeless spies. Together they must conquer the Impassible Mission and best their genius instructor, but the true purpose behind their classroom is more harrowing than they can imagine…

    What Is Spy Classroom Adapted From?

    Spy Classroom is adapted from a light novel with a story written by Takemachi and illustrations by Tomari. The series was first released in January 2020 and has continued to release ever since. There is currently an ongoing manga adaptation of the series in addition to the light novel.

    Spy Classroom: Season 1

    Who Animated Spy Classroom?

    Studio feel. is producing the anime, who is best known for its work on titles like OregairuRemake Our Life!Tsukigakirei, and more. The characters are extremely expressive, as most feel. shows tend to offer.

    Spy Classroom Episode 1 – Is It Worth Watching?

    The first episode of Spy Classroom aired on January 5. This episode introduced Lily, who is the main character, as well as the rest of the main cast, like Klaus, Hyakki, and Hyojin. Part of the Winter 2023 slate of showsSpy Classroom fills the spy void left behind by last season’s SPY x FAMILY Cour 2.

    As someone who has not read the light novel and only watched the pre-release trailers, I really enjoyed the first episode of Spy Classroom. Lily seems like a really interesting character, with a background I have a feeling will be explored later on. Her voice actor, Sora Amamiya, was fantastic as always and really brings her to life.

    Spy Classroom is definitely worth your time if you’re looking for an enjoyable show to watch this Winter 2023 season. For those that enjoy an action-packed adventure, this is the perfect show to get your fill. Be sure to check out all of Final Weapon’s anime coverage here, and stick around for all sorts of content as we head further into the Winter season!

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