New Final Fantasy XVI Art Shared for New Year’s 2023

    New key art for the next Final Fantasy title.

    Celebrating the new year, Square Enix has released brand new key art for Final Fantasy XVI. Clive and Jill are seen in this visual, who are two of the main characters in the game.

    The long-awaited title is set to release this summer, after years of anticipation by fans. It was originally announced in September 2020, and it would not receive a release date until late 2022. A Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition were announced for the game and are currently available for pre-order. Some of the prior key arts, as well as screenshots, are available to view below.

    Additionally, description of the title and trailer are available, courtesy of the game’s PlayStation Store page:

    The 16th standalone entry in the legendary Final Fantasy series marks a darker turn for the RPG franchise, with a complex tale of revenge, power struggles and unavoidable tragedy.

    Final Fantasy XVI reimagines the series’ iconic summons as Eikons. These deadly creatures are housed within Dominants, men and women who inherit their immense power at birth – whether they like it or not.

    Eikons are the most powerful beings in Valisthea, a land where six powerful realms have emerged thanks to the power of the Mothercrystals. The aether provided by these towering mountains of crystal powers the magicks that have allowed these nations to thrive for many years — but now a mysterious Blight threatens to disrupt their uneasy alliance.

    Play as Clive Rosfield, First Shield of Rosaria and guardian of his younger brother Joshua, the Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix, in this epic action RPG from a team of Final Fantasy veterans.

    Final Fantasy XVI launches exclusively on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. All sorts of news regarding Final Fantasy XVI is planned for 2023, so be sure to stick around at Final Weapon for all the latest on the next mainline Final Fantasy title!

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