How Old Is Aerith in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion?

    How many years prior to FFVII does Crisis Core take place?

    Aerith Gainsborough is one the most beloved Final Fantasy characters of all time. She first appeared in 1997’s Final Fantasy VII, however, she appears earlier than this in the overall Final Fantasy VII timeline. Just how old is Aerith in Crisis Core, the prequel to FFVII?

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is the prequel to the brilliant Final Fantasy VII. This title was originally released back in 2007 exclusively on the PSP, where it has remained until now. Reunion is a remaster of Crisis Core, adding a fresh coat of paint to Zack Fair’s journey. Aerith is the main character in Crisis Core Reunion, with her character having a deep relationship with Zack.

    How Old Is Aerith in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion?

    Aerith is 16 years old in Crisis Core Reunion. She first appears meeting Zack Fair in a church, which is the same one that she is seen in during Final Fantasy VII. In FFVII, Aerith is 22 years old. There is a gap of around seven years between Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion and Final Fantasy VII. A description of Crisis Core Reunion is available below, from Square Enix.

    CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- REUNION is a remaster of CRISIS CORE featuring updated graphics, combat systems and soundtrack. Follow the tale of SOLDIER operative Zack Fair, as he discovers the secrets of Shinra’s dark experiments.

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion is available now across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Be sure to check out all of our Crisis Core guides, as well as our Crisis Core review here!

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