Geoff Keighley Shares Message in Advance of Tonight’s Showing of The Game Awards

    A shorter runtime and exciting reveals await.

    Geoff Keighley has shared a brief message about 2022’s iteration of The Game Awards. Tonight, December 8, the ninth annual showing of The Game Awards will air. This morning on Twitter, he shared a thread going over a few details surrounding aspects of the show.

    “Tonight is probably the shortest show we’ve done. It will still run 2.5 hours but we’ve streamlined the runtime with more focused content, fewer, bigger sponsors, and some big theatrical moments”, Keighley wrote. “The reveals are spaced out across the show, so we hope the pacing will feel good. There are lots of fun moments. We’ve also held back surprise presenters, performers and lots of games that aren’t pre announced.”

    Geoff goes on to state that while you might not agree with the awards and their winners, he hopes that “you walk away feeling good and proud to be part of this community. The work done this year and the future of the medium is so incredibly exciting.” This year’s show being slimmed down is only a good thing. In years past, The Game Awards has dragged on for over 3 hours at times. While it seems to only be a 30-minute reduction, this is only a good thing for both viewers and Keighley.

    Geoff Keighley is known for grabbing some of the biggest names in the industry for his shows, such as Hideo Kojima, Phil Spencer, Ed Boon, and more. Anyone watching tonight’s show should expect a great group of games, with titles such as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Tekken 8, and more already confirmed to be present.

    Our coverage for The Game Awards 2022 begins tonight right as the show starts airing. Be sure to stay tuned and stick around to Final Weapon for all the latest reveals and more!

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