Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Announced

    An unexpected, but welcome crossover!

    The great rogue-like Dead Cells will be receiving new DLC. A crossover with Castlevania is the premise. Dracula, Alucard, and Richter are all shown.

    New Content

    This is the biggest Dead Cells DLC yet! A slew of new content is on the way, including: New Enemies, 2 New Biomes, 3 New Bosses, 14 New Weapons, 20 outfits, Castlevania music tracks + remixes, and a new storyline!

    Alucard and Richter will be at your side as you explore the horrors of Dracula’s Castle! Complete with all of the hidden rooms and design the series is known for! Discover the costumes in this DLC in order to take on the appearances of other Castlevania characters such as: Sypha Belnades, Trevor Belmont, Simon Belmont, Maria Renard, and more! As you journey through Dracula’s Castle, defeat many iconic Castlevania monsters and use classic weapons such as Holy Water to defend yourself. Death and Dracula will be two of the new fearsome bosses! Be careful and fight diligently! During your challenging quest, treat your ears to 51 Castlevania melodies, along with 12 new remixes! Stay excited for more info on the Dead Cells Castlevania DLC Crossover!

    Release Estimate and Platforms

    Dead Cells will be receiving this new, crossover DLC in Q1 2023. Nothing specific besides that.
    This DLC will be available on the Switch, PS4/5, XBOX ONE/Series X/S, and PC via Steam/EGS. No word on the mobile versions, such as Dead Cells + on Apple Arcade.

    Dead Cells Castlevania Trailer and Links

    Watch the animated teaser trailer here! Steam Page here!

    Watch The Game Awards 2022 here.

    Payne Grist
    Payne Grist
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