Project L Introduces Gameplay Basics and Tag Systems in New Dev Diary

    Gameplay systems detailed in depth.

    Riot Games released a brand-new developer diary for upcoming fighting game Project L, which introduces gameplay basics and tag systems. Executive producer Tom Cannon and game director Shaun Rivera discussed these mechanics in great detail.

    As previously reported, Project L will be a free-to-play title when it releases. Development of playable fighter Illaoi is roughly 30% complete, but the character is already live in internal playtesting. More work needs to be done, but Cannon wanted to end 2022 on a high note with a deep dive in Project L’s gameplay.

    According to director Rivera, the game is being designed for easy pick-up and play while rewarding fighting game fans that spend time mastering the game. Flexible systems pair well with stylish visuals and powerful, fast-paced gameplay. Movement is greatly emphasized in Project L through various dashing, jumping, and cancelling mechanics. Various Champions have their own unique mobility options on the ground and in mid-air.

    Rivera explains that Project L rewards offense and defense with satisfying button presses, powerful combos, and useful tools. The game includes basic systems and nuanced systems for players to explore and become familiar with through combat. Two years ago, Project L transitioned from a one-vs-one fighting game to a tag team fighting game. One Champion while be on point while the other Champion acts as an assist, and handshake tagging allows the player to tag their assist character in while both are on screen.

    More details about Project L tag systems are discussed in the latest dev diary below via Riot Games:

    Lastly, platforms and a release date for Project L were not announced.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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