Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokédex Rewards (UPDATED)

    Pokédex battle pass?!

    The Pokédex once again makes its return. You have hundreds of Pokemon to catch to fill its entries. Normally your incentive is to complete it or to simply enjoy the journey. However, having some extra bonuses is quite nice! This isn’t a new feature in the series though! In the Gen I remakes, there were aides of Professor Oak that would give you rewards depending on the number of entries you had. In Scarlet and Violet, your Pokedex has a rewards goal card! So, you can nab some nice bonuses as you fill out your ‘dex!

    Pokédex Rewards List

    You get a reward for every 10 volumes you add to your Pokédex. It will take a long time to get every reward, but it’s a nice bonus and incentive to catch and evolve as many Pokémon as possible!

    The rewards are as follows:

    • Stardust (10 entries)
    • Great Ball x 10 (20 entries)
    • Thunder Stone (30 entries)
    • Ultra Ball x 10 (40 entries)
    • Exp. Candy S x 5 (50 entries)
    • Fire Stone (60 entries)
    • Net Ball x 10 (70 entries)
    • Water Stone (80 entries)
    • Nest Ball x 10 (90 entries)
    • Stardust x 5 (100 entries)
    • Exp. Candy M x 3 (110 entries)
    • Quick Ball x 10 (120 entries)
    • Dusk Stone (130 entries)
    • Dusk Ball x 10 (140 entries)
    • Shiny Stone (150 entries)
    • Exp. Candy M x 3 (160 entries)
    • Dive Ball x 10 (170 entries)
    • Stardust x 10 (180 entries)
    • Luxury Ball x 10 (190 entries)
    • Exp. Candy M x 5 (200 entries)
    • Moon Stone (210 entries)
    • Timer Ball x 10 (220 entries)
    • Star Piece x 3 (230 entries)
    • Fast Ball (240 entries)
    • Star Piece x 3 (250 entries)
    • Friend Ball (260 entries)
    • Dawn Stone (270 entries)
    • Level Ball (280 entries)
    • Exp. Candy L x 3 (290 entries)
    • Lure Ball (300 entries)
    • Comet Shard x 3 (310 entries)
    • Heavy Ball (320 entries)
    • Exp. Candy L x 3 (330 entries)
    • Moon Ball (340 entries)
    • Exp. Candy L x 5 (350 entries)
    • Dream Ball (360 entries)
    • Nugget (370 entries)
    • Nugget x 2 (380 entries)
    • Big Nugget x 3 (390 entries)
    • Beast Ball (400 entries)

    Pokédex rewards


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