Romance visual novel Witch’s Garden is coming to Switch

    Windmill Oasis 10th anniversary project comes to Switch.

    Ares and Windmill Oasis announced romance visual novel Witch’s Garden releases December 22 for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

    A limited edition version of Witch’s Garden will be sold for 11,980 yen with a B2 tapestry, soundtrack CD, and a collector’s box. Pre-orders begin on September 29 for standard and limited editions of Witch’s Garden. Additionally, the game’s official website is now live here.

    Here’s an overview of the visual novel via VNDB:

    One of two Windmill and Windmill Oasis’ 10th anniversary project that utilizing the E-mote sprite animation system.
    Yousuke came to the bustling tourist city of Kazashiro to attend the school there. The Western-style houses lining the streets and the townspeople’s attire give the city an exotic charm. To top it off, a ‘witch’ named Ayari will be living with him at the boarding house Oasis, which is owned by his aunt Yuuko. Later, he meets two other ‘witches’ Suzuno and Misumi, and reunites with his older sister-like childhood friend Ririko, who is a ‘knight’. Every day is full of exciting events and before long, they are brought again into a different world. Surely this is the world of love.

    Lastly, check out the announcement trailer below via Ares:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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