HARVESTELLA details Shatolla, characters, jobs, and more

    Summer vacations never cease.

    Square Enix revealed new details about upcoming life sim action RPG HARVESTELLA including the town of Shatolla, various jobs, characters, and more.

    The latest details are available below via Square Enix:

    Summer Location: Shatolla

    Welcome to the seaside town of Shatolla.
    Shatolla from HARVESTELLA
    Many of the residents here support themselves through fishing.
    Aria from HARVESTELLA commenting that Shatolla is beautiful
    There is a large tavern in the center of town. Fishers who have finished a hard day’s work gather here to drink and sing together.
    Shotolla at night
    Ever since the change in the Seaslight, giant bubbles have been appearing on the seas by Shatolla. People call these the Summer Bulla.
    A man tells the protagonist of HARVESTELLA about the Bulla and the Sea Witch Lorelei.
    At the same time, a whispered rumor begins to spread amongst the fishing community about the sea witch, Lorelei. They say her singing voice can drag ships to the bottom of the ocean.
    Emo in the Shotolla tavern from HARVESTELLA
    In the tavern, a singer known as Emo tries to bring courage and cheer to the fishers.
    Heine, Emo, Aria and the Protagonist from HARVESTELLA
    The diva of Shatolla wants to travel to the Seaslight for some reason. Although it doesn’t seem like she can tell anyone why…
    The Coral Shrine in HARVESTELLA
    Your journey will take you into the dangerous Coral Shrine!
    The Coral Shrine in HARVESTELLA

    HARVESTELLA Characters

    Next, allow us to show you a couple of the characters you’ll meet in Shatolla: Heine and Emo.


    Heine from Harvestella
    Heine is an inventor with an atelier in Shatolla. He’s a young man who spends his days entirely absorbed in creating inventions. Everyone treats him as a bit of an eccentric.
    Screenshot of Heine from Harvestella
    A dandy and ladies’ man, he’s quick to start flirting with women.


    Emo from Harvestella
    Emo is the diva of the tavern in Shatolla.
    Screenshot showing Emo and Heine from Harvestella
    She seems to have a somewhat otherworldly air about her…

    Adventure: new jobs revealed

    Jobs determine your weapon and abilities in battle. You can equip many different jobs in HARVESTELLA, such as the previously revealed Fighter, Mage, and Shadow Walker.
    If you recruit a character with a particular job, the protagonist becomes able to use that job as well!
    Today, we’re going to show you a couple of new jobs you can use:
    Screenshot of the Mechanic job
    The Mechanic job is proficient at physical attacks and weakening enemies. It also lets you perform charge attacks.
    Screenshot of the Woglinde job
    This job that lets you wield magic through song to support your team. It also lets you perform charge attacks.

    Adventure: Skills

    Each job has its own unique skills, which you can obtain from its Skill Board.
    The Skills menu from Harvestella
    Some skills can be performed in battle while others take effect simply by being acquired.
    The Skills screen showing the Circuit Ignition ability
    JP (Job Points) are required to obtain skills, and are gained by defeating enemies in battle.
    You’ll gradually unlock more and more panels and obtain skills that grant all kinds of effects!

    Daily Life: Summer Produce

    That’s enough about battles and action – let’s talk about food!
    While some produce can be grown and harvested all year round, some fruit and veg can only be grown during a particular season.
    Here is a look at some Summer produce!
    Shatollan Paprika.
    Seatide Garlic.

    Daily Life: Summer Cuisine

    You can sell all these crops to make money, or you can hold some back for cooking. Prepare to drool when you see these examples of summer cuisine…
    Fisherman’s Sandwich.
    Hop Juice.
    Shrimp and Mushroom Tapas.
    Melting Chocolate Fondant.

    Daily life: Waterside and cave biomes

    If you’ve played the HARVESTELLA demo, you’ll have seen the field outside the protagonist’s home. That’s not the only place to grow crops, however – there are fields in special environments too! There are some crops that can only grow in these environments.
    Waterside biome
    A waterside field from Harvestella
    Here we see an irrigated field full of water.
    Islet Watermelon Seeds
    Sweet crops grow well in this biome.
    Cave biome
    A cave field in Harvestella
    Spices and other seasonings grow well in the dry ground of caves.
    Tending crops inside a cave in Harvestella
    Daily Life: Renovation
    The Renovator in Harvestella
    The Renovator in Lethe can help you to improve many aspects of your daily life.
    A small field in Harvestella
    An expanded field full of crops in Harvestella
    For example, they can expand your field, build or animal enclosures, or construct a kitchen counter to allow you to cook.
    Animal Enclosures
    A newly built Woolum Pen in Harvestella
    Having an animal enclosure built will allow you to rear livestock.
    Tending livestock in Harvestella
    You can increase the number of livestock you can keep by building more animal pens.
    Kitchen Counter
    The Kitchen Counter in Harvestella
    Placing a kitchen counter will allow you to cook meals. You cook with ingredients you collect and produce you grow.
    Screenshot showing recipe for Mountain Stir Fry
    Meals are essential on your adventures. For example, they can recover your stamina and HP.

    Lastly, HARVESTELLA releases November 4 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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