Dragon Quest Treasures characters, story, and world detailed

    A look into characters and the world of Dragon Quest Treasures.

    Square Enix released new details about Dragon Quest Treasures regarding characters, story, and the game world.

    The latest details about Dragon Quest Treasures are available below via Gematsu:

    ■ Story
    Erik and Mia, best friends and siblings who live on a Viking longship, are one day whisked away into another world by a pair of mysterious spirits.
    The world, called “Draconia,” is a legendary land where the Seven Dragon Stones and many treasures lie in wait.
    In a realm full of monsters, the siblings embark on the treasure-hunting adventure they have always dreamed of!
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    ■ World
    Draconia, where the game is set, is made up of islands with various climates, each inhabited by a wide variety of monsters.
    Erik and Mia, who gained the ability to communicate with the monsters of this world through the power of the “Dragon’s Dagger,” will befriend the monsters that inhabit this land and grow together while collecting the treasures waiting to be found here!
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    ■ Characters
    Erik (voiced by Motoko Kumai)
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    An inquisitive, energetic, and cool boy who lives on a Viking longship with his younger sister Mia. He dreams of finding great treasure and making a fortune.
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    —Purrsula (voiced by Satomi Arai)
    A mysterious cat-looking spirit who Erik and Mia rescue. She is partnered with Erik.
    Mia (voiced by Inori Minase)
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    A cute, competitive girl who lives on a Viking longship with her older brother Erik. She loves treasure-hunting adventures and hopes to someday find real treasure.
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    —Porcus (voiced by Yasuhiro Takato)
    A pig-looking spirit who Erik and Mia rescue alongside Purrsula. He takes a liking to Mia and becomes her partner.
    Switch Between Erik and Mia with the Press of a Button!
    Dragon Quest Treasures
    You can control either Erik and Mia on your adventure. They share the same level, so you can switch between them with the press of a button.

    Lastly, Dragon Quest Treasures releases on December 9 for Switch worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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