Best Free Games July 2022

    Each month, we take a look at the best free-to-play games that are available currently. Last month, quite a few new games either released or went free-to-play, meaning there are tons of new experiences for players to jump into and play! Here are the best free games available for July 2022.

    Final Fantasy XIV

    In case you haven’t heard, Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial up to Level 60 with no restrictions on any playtime! This includes both A Realm Rebron and the Heavensward expansions in full, allowing players to experience the first two Final Fantasy XIV expansions fully for free to see if they would like to continue playing or not. Final Fantasy XIV is one of the biggest MMORPGs available right now, and conitnues to grow in popularity by the day. Jump in to start your journey in the wonderful world of FFXIV! Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

    Fall Guys

    Epic is buying 'Fall Guys' developer, Mediatonic | TechCrunch

    Fall Guys just went free to play at the end of last month! If you want a wipeout-like experience that is extremely fun to play with friends, look no further! The game is now available across all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch. Fall Guys boasts over 60 different levels for players to navigate through while they attempt to qualify for the next round. It offers cross-progression and crossplay, allowing players to hop in on any system and play with anyone anywhere.

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Call of Duty: Warzone player count reaches 75 million | PCGamesN

    A classic, Warzone offers lots of fun for anyone who enjoys the Call of Duty games. This free-to-play title allows players to squad up with friends across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Crossplay is fully enabled as well as cross-progression. The standard mode allows 120 players to drop on the map and brawl it out, while smaller modes showcase smaller maps with less players for more quick combat. Warzone is a staple in the free-to-play market, and it seems like Activision is prepping its sequel for release later this year.

    Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact 2.5 update release date guide | PC Gamer

    Genshin Impact continues to add loads of content for new players to enjoy. Mihiyo keeps the game incredibly fresh with the consistent flow of new characters, updates, and more. Lots of exciting events are coming up soon that will reward players extremely well, so there has never been a better time to jump in! Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and iOS/Android.

    Granblue Fantasy

    Japan Gaming Blog For PS4, PC, and Mobile iOS/Andriod platforms – Tagged "Granblue  fantasy" – Apartment 507

    Granblue Fantasy is a hit mobile game by Cygames, with over 20 million players and counting. The game is available across all mobile devices, and offers players a great experience. For those interested in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, this would be a great entry point to get familiar with the characters. With the game being free, players have a massive amount of content to navigate through and explore. Also, there are countless characters to collect and upgrade throughout the game’s story.


    Parenting the Fortnite Addict - The New York Times

    Last but not least, Fortnite. This game is still incredibly popular and continues to offer brand new experiences for its players. With its massive in game events still continually happening, Epic knows how to keep its player base engaged. New skins and items drop regularly, including a new Battle Pass every 3 months. Fortnite is available across PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile.

    Brand new games are always on the horizon, and these are only a mere choosing of the hundreds of titles available. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest titles players can dive into!

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