On November 27th 1998, the SEGA Dreamcast was released in Japan! The console released with titles such as Virtua Fighter 3tb and Godzilla Generations to showcase the hardware’s capabilities. Fans in the west would receive the console on September 9th the following year, the renown 9/9/99 launch. The Dreamcast would be home to many iconic games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, Sonic Adventure and Shenmue to name a few. The console’s online capabilities were revolutionary thanks to a built-in modem and paved the way for modern console gaming. Dreamcast’s online hardware allowed players to play games of Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and more together. A long lineage of fighting games made their home on Dreamcast with an even better experience than arcades at the time. SEGA’s own lineup of games from in-house studios were among some of the most diverse that the company released.

With the PlayStation 2 looming on the horizon, it was unfortunately clear that the Dreamcast’s days were numbered as poor sales continued into its final few years on the market. SEGA was also struggling financially and by March 31st 2001, the console was discontinued as SEGA restructured into a 3rd party game publisher. However, the legacy of the Dreamcast lives on with games, ports and mods being made to this. The Dreamcast sold around 9 million units worldwide but made an industry wide impact worth remembering even 23 years later. Many IPs known for being on the Dreamcast like House of the Dead, Virtua Fighter and Shenmue are relevant to this day with new games and even a new anime. Today, fans still hope that SEGA release a Dreamcast mini console to celebrate its legacy.

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