In a recent interview with Dengeki Online, Mages.’ director Makoto Asada confirmed that Anonymous;Code is delayed into 2022 (Thanks, Gematsu). The game was originally planned to release during fall 2021 for PS4 and Switch in Japan. More details about Anonymous;Code are coming soon and Asada hopes fans look forward to it. In addition, Chaos;Child Noah and Chaos;Child are being released in a new bundle starting in February 2022. Platforms for the bundle have not been announced, but the reason for the re-release is due to the limited platforms these games are available on. For instance, Chaos;Child Noah is only available on PS Vita in Japan while Chaos;Child is widely available on PS4 & Steam.

Asada also touches on development of Mystereet F: The Detective’s Curtain Call. According to Asada, development of the game has been halted due to various factors. This included development troubles with various studios involved which then lead to the project being handled internally at Mages. On top of this, discussions of cancelling the project arose due to scheduling troubles, rewriting the story and more. Asada did not want to cancel the project since he’s really passionate about the developing the game so it’s being halted for now until the time is right. Instead, a port of the original Mystereet game is completed and coming soon! Voice-overs for the port have also been recorded and fans can expect more details soon as well.

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