*Updated* Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis players are heading to a new region soon! The “Sandstorm Requiem” update arrives this December, adding the Retem region and new story content. SEGA announced that the update also brings the following:

  • New story characters
  • New class skills & elemental techniques
  • More new quests, areas to explore, etc.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

Before the December update, a new collaboration with Attack on Titan begins November 17th! The “Titans of Destruction” Scratch Ticket goes live with outfits from the iconic anime/manga series. Additionally, Central City is decorated for the collaboration with the Colossal Titan.

PSO 2 New Genesis x Attack on Titan

Starting November 24th, players can get ready for the Retem region with login bonuses and campaigns! Limited time tasks will be added with rewards like Star Gems and materials. The next Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis Headline presentation arrives on December 7th with more new details. Catch up on the latest footage and even more details below:

As Chapter 2 unfolds, Crawford will ask players to make a trip to Retem with Aina and Manon to join the ARKS in Retem City. Retem is a desert with sand dunes, rocky terrain, and canyons. Players will notice the weather and vegetation are vastly different from what they’re used to in Aelio. There’s so much to explore, but watch out for new enemies, Fortos Launcher, Fortos Laser: DOLLS, Lizentos: DOLLS, and Metius: DOLLS! All are equipped with heavy artillery and prove themselves to be formidable foes. The new field, Retem Region, awaits!

The “Sandstorm Requiem” update will increase the level cap of all classes to 35 and every Class will gain a new Class Skill.

  • Hunter Class will gain the ‘Sword Arts Change Avenger’ skill

  • Fighter Class will gain the ‘Dagger Spin Axle’ skill

  • Ranger Class will gain the ‘Spread Shot Wide Range’ skill

  • Gunner Class will gain the ‘Rising Drive’ skill

  • Force Class will gain the ‘Technique Domination’ skill

  • Techter Class will gain the ‘Overemphasis’ skill

  • Braver Class will gain the ‘Brave Spirit’ skill

  • Bouncer Class will gain the ‘Blade Arts Parry’ skill

Three Elemental Techniques will be added to the current Techniques; Wind, Light, and Dark will join Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

Show off your skills and achievements to the world! PSO2:NGS will be implementing a Title system in the “Sandstorm Requiem” update. Players can earn titles based on in-game achievements, such as defeating a certain amount of enemies, completing Trainia with an S ranking, and more.

Players still have a chance to partake in the Halloween Fiesta event happening in-game until November 4! Central City and the open world have been transformed with spooky decorations. Earn seasonal Currency by completing limited-time tasks and defeating seasonal enemies and then use it to purchase rewards such as new stamps, Mag Forms, and more!

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