Discord’s talks with Microsoft surrounding acquisition have ceased – will stay independent according to The Wall Street Journal

    The Wall Street Journal, who previously reported that Discord was exploring acquisition through talks with Microsoft, has came out with a new report today stating that talks have ceased. It seems that the previously reported sale of potentially $10 Billion or greater will not end up happening, as Discord is looking to stay independent and potentially target an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The Wall Street Journal did note however, that talks of a deal “could be rekindled in the future”.

    Discord is currently worth $7 Billion dollars, and with over 300 million monthly active users, the company is in a great position to succeed without the need of external funding or an acquisition. A deal in the future could absolutely end up happening, but for now it seems that deals are off the tables and all talks have halted.

    Many people online were quite worried when the news surrounding Microsoft’s interest in Discord came out, as Microsoft had previously purchased Skype and that service is no longer around. Speculation surrounding Microsoft wanting to use Discord and integrate it into Xbox Live’s native functionality was also prominent, and would have made quite a bit of sense for the tech giant.

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