Bungie has finally announced season 13 of Destiny 2 beginning on February 9th! Season of the Chosen reintroduces the Cabal as a major threat as Empress Caiatl seeks an alliance with the Last City. However, the daughter of Caius is not one to be trifled with. As negotiations fall apart, Commander Zavala leads the charge against Caiatl’s chosen legions and warriors of Cabal. This means Guardians have a lot of content to play through soon as new activities are introduced!

A new matchmade activity, the Battlegrounds, sees players engage in ritual combat against Caiatl’s warriors. 3 new strikes are being added: the Devil’s Lair, Fallen S.A.B.E.R, and new strike Proving Grounds. Additionally, new weapons, exotics, gear and cosmetics will be added for players to chase. This includes the new solar exotic bow: Ticuu’s Divination. Lastly, check it all out in the new trailer below:

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