Bloomberg released an interesting article detailing scarcity affecting production of the PlayStation 5. Apparently, manufacturing costs for the PS5 have been pushed up to $450, which means Sony would make less money on each PS5 console that would be sold in this current state. Things may change before the holiday 2020 release but that remains to be seen as the year has just begun. In comparison, the PS4 costed around $380 to manufacture and led Sony to massive profits.

Bloomberg further states that VRAM and NAND flash memory shortages are Sony’s biggest problem as both are very high in demand. The report claims that staff at Sony would like to see the PS5 sold at a loss if it must match the price of the Xbox Series X. Its important to note that the coronavirus outbreak has no effect on these shortages based in the report. As a result, these shortages may last long into the year. Lastly, Sony Corporation CFO Hiroki Totoki is facing pressure to provide more clear and concise information leading up to the PS5 release.

Time will tell how this situation unfolds leading up to the PS5’s full reveal rumored to take place in Spring. Stay tuned at Final Weapon for the latest Japanese gaming news!

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