Update: Gamespot Senior Editor Tamoor Hussain has stated that the release date for the demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake was an assumption by the editor. The release date is still unknown.


In a recent article from Gamespot talking all things Final Fantasy VII Remake, they have stated that the leaked Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is scheduled to launch on March 3rd, right alongside the full game.

A Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is scheduled for March 3 on PS4. Due to a recent leak, a ton of details are emerging around the game, so if you don’t want to get spoiled, we highly encouraged staying away from anything remotely related to the demo.

This does give reason as to why there were elements in the full game in the code of the datamined leaked demo, however it is disappointing that we will indeed have to wait until launch day to play any form of Final Fantasy VII Remake.


As stated previously, Final Weapon will not cover any leaks regarding Final Fantasy VII remake as respect to the hard working developers and the fans anticipating the game. Stay tuned here at Final Weapon for more Japanese Gaming news!

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