Gears 5 Operation 2 Free For All is the next big update arriving this month

    The next multiplayer Operation for Gears 5 is currently planned for December 11, 2019. This update features fourteen-player Free For All, Arcade Blitz, 2v2 Gnashers, two heroes, two villains, seven maps and a whole lot more.

    Free For All is back and better than ever as the biggest Versus mode in Gears history. Fourteen players will battle against each other in a holds-barred fight to be the first to 30 kills.

    Free For All will initially be launched as a featured playlist with the launch of Operation 2, and will convert to a Ranked mode in early January.

    Free For All in Gears 5 keeps it simple – core tuning (not Arcade tuning), standard loadouts and quick respawns. To dominate in FFA, you’ll need to master the fundamentals while taking advantage of any weapon pickups on each map. To support fights this big, we’ve created three brand new maps built specifically to support a great FFA experience, each with their own distinct style of gameplay.

    Along with the new modes, maps, and Free For All, we’ll be getting two heroes and two villains. Lizzie Carmine and Damon Baird will arrive as our heroes and Jermad and Locust Drone will be our two new villains.

    Check out the announcement trailer below and check out the official Gears 5 website for more information on Operation 2!

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