Nintendo will no longer offer NES and SNES on a monthly basis, instead they’re doing the Nintendo Shuffle once again by opting for an irregular schedule

    So it seems like Nintendo is taking one step forward and two steps back with the Nintendo Switch Online Service. For the past year Nintendo has been delivering 2 NES games every month and for at least a moment it seemed like they would do the same with SNES.

    Unfortunately that won’t be the case anymore, the company will now deliver both NES and SNES on an irregular schedule. This means we could get several instance where Nintendo decides to leave everyone in the dust until something like a Direct pops up. This could be seen as a good thing to some people since the launch lineup of 20 SNES games is rather solid, but personally this feels like a missed opportunity. Either way it appears Nintendo is doing the shuffle once again where they go one step forward and two steps back.


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