You can eat Slimes in Dragon Quest XI S, and just in case you needed to know, they taste like limes.

    This might seem like random info straight out of a fan headcanon but this is actually real, Dragon Quest‘s iconic onion-shaped monster is confirmed edible by the developers and Nintendo themselves during a PAX interview.

    This is far from being the only news here as the Nintendo thread keeps everyone informed, live on the current PAX panel featuring Producer Hokuto Okamoto, Director Masato Yagi, and Hikari Kubota, the Assistant Producer. The developers also revealed that they created design documents with rough sketches and character details to send to legendary Akira Toriyama. Mr. Toriyama refined the concept and sent back the updated character art. This example is Rab, who ended with a more charming look than the original vision.

    The team also experimented with a more dramatic appearance for characters who are “Pepped Up,” but decided against it.

    The developers took extra care to impart warmth and humanity to the characters and language of the world, which is series creator Mr. Horii’s design style. This carries into the localization of the game through various puns.

    And that’s pretty much all Dragon Quest XI S relevant info they revealed on this very fun panel. You can find the thread here.

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