Rainbow Six Siege details Operation Ember Rise and Kanal rework

    Operation Ember Rise is getting closer and closer and as we continue to impatiently wait, Rainbow Six Siege hasn’t provide us a huge list of upcoming updates along with the rework of a fan favorite map Kanal.

    In a tweet posted today, the official Rainbow Six Siege account posted a four and a half minute video that shows before and after shots of Kanal where all the detailed changes are presented to you in a cinematic form. Along with the video, they also gave us a huge update on what to expect in the next big update and the future seasons.

    The two new operators that will coming at us soon are Amaru and Goyo. Season Pass owners will be able to instantly play these new operators day one while non Season Pass owners will have to wait a week and purchase them with R6 Credits or Renown.

    Amaru is an Attack Operator armed with a grappling hook that allows her to quickly breach through windows that can’t be easily reached by others or ascend up through ceiling panels that are impossible to climb to by any other Operator. Her hook only has four uses and there’s a cooldown timer after she fires it out, so it’s best used for recon or flanking Defenders, not escaping from ambushes.

    Goyo is a Defend Operator who can place a single portable shield that’s been booby-trapped with a Volcan charge. Destroying the shield causes it to explode and engulf the floor in flames, dealing heavy damage to any Operator in the immediate area.

    For a look at all the big changes coming our way you can go HERE to to see what’s ahead.

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