This Kingdom Hearts 3 Monopoly Prototype Looks Incredible

    Twitter User Andrew Hankinson is working on something truly remarkable as he looks to get his own fanmade Kingdom Hearts version of Monopoly approved and recognized as an official monopoly game. Based entirely on the original Monopoly, every aspect of the game is changed to be something related to Kingdom Hearts.

    The properties are all Disney and Kingdom Hearts worlds, the monopoly money is Munny, the currency from the game and the game pieces are beautiful renditions of the chess pieces used in the videogames. Not only that but the Chance and Community Chest cards are now Paopu Fruit and Sea Salt Ice Cream, staples in the franchise and easily recognizable by fans. These new cards add a unique twist, however, not only being Kingdom Hearts themed entirely, but Andrew also added “Mini-Games” as seen in the franchise. Party-based challenges such as “Make the other players laugh like Boo from Monsters Inc. or, take a selfie with the other players similar to how Sora takes them in Kingdom Hearts 3.” There are so many unique facets tied directly to the beloved Kingdom Hearts franchise that really shows the love and care put into this project. Houses and Hotels being gummi ships, jail turning into the dark world and so so much more, it really is a sight to behold.

    You can follow Andrew’s journey as he pushes to make this dream a reality over at Twitter at @HankinsonAndrew, or on Instagram at @hankinsonandrew.

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