Valve has created Steam Labs, a testing program

    Valve has created a new program for Steam users known as Steam Labs. Steam Labs allows you to test out new features Valve are experimenting with along with giving feedback. Through this, they plan to push out the features to the general population provided the features are received well. Valve took to their Twitter account to announce the program.

    On the Steam Labs page, you can find many frequently asked questions as well as the first three experiments. These experiments are Micro-Trailers, an Interactive Recommender, and an Automatic Show. The Micro-Trailers allow users to skim over a game quickly with a 6-second video and choose from there. The Interactive Recommender will use machine learning to see how much you play each genre of game. From there, it will recommend games similar to your most played titles. Finally, the Automatic Show is a 30-minute automated episode that displays the latest and greatest games on Steam.

    As with these features, Steam Labs itself is an experiment and will take a lot of feedback to improve. If you’d like to be part of that, you can. Just head over to the page and you can find more information along with with try any feature you want! These three will be available up until release or removal, with more to come in the future

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
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