Indie developers are going against G2A, and rightfully so

    It appears that G2A has angered people one too many times, and this time it’s indie game developers. No More Robots, a publishing label has started a petition against the key reseller. In it, they ask that all indie sales are completely removed in order to support indie developers. We need to take a step back though and examine why this is happening.

    It all started when Mike Rose (the owner of No More Robots), put out a tweet going against G2A. Apparently, the reseller is putting their Descenders ads in front of the developers own ads. On top of that, indie developers make zero money off their game if the user buys it from G2A just adding fuel to the fire.

    This gained traction for a while, but it prompted G2A to respond saying that only 8% of their sales are indie games. While this makes sense on the surface, indie developers make up the majority of the game industry. Even if it were the case, indie developers also need every dollar in sales they can get to support themselves and their coworkers.

    And with that, the petition was created to stop this practice and support indie devs. The petition also has the support of several other indie devs which is a great sign. We can only hope this will cause a change from G2A but if you support this cause, you can sign the petition here. What are your thoughts on the situation? We’d love to hear your input.

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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