Fortnite x Stranger Things cosmetic items available now

    Over the past two days Stranger Things portals have started to appear in Mega Mall, a location on the Fortnite map. You can check out that article here. Fortnite has released the Stranger Things inspired set tonight, which includes two brand new outfits and a brand new wrap. Below you can find all of the info on these items.

    EPIC Skin: Chief Hopper – Hawkins PD’s finest. This skin has selectable styles. You can choose Hopper with his hat on or Hopper with his hat off.

    RARE Skin: Demogorgon – Turn the battle upside down.

    RARE Wrap: Vines – Show your style. This is an animated wrap. Vines looks to be the black vines from Stranger things. The vines move across the item with it being animated and all.


    Stranger Things Season 3 released today, July 4th. This crossover in Fortnite is a result of it. Fortnite is known for crossovers, such as Marshemello, or even Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame.

    Will you be picking up any of the Stranger Things inspired Fornite cosmetic items? Let us know and join the conversation on Twitter!

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