Kinoko Nasu Felt Like He Was Writing Mahoyo 6 for FGO Collaboration

    The legendary creator reflects on crafting the hit collaboration.

    In a new The BAMBOO BROOM DIARY Diary update from Kinoko Nasu, the legendary creator has revealed some incredible new details regarding Witch on the Holy Night, also known as Mahoyo, following the Fate/Grand Order collaboration. For those unfamiliar, the BBB blog is where both Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi release updates in a blog format. 

    The collaboration features loads of character designs, attacks, and details that have never been released prior to the event. This mainly includes events occurring after the main story of Witch on the Holy Night, with Soujuurou and many others featured with adult character designs. When talking about the challenges faced with this, Nasu wrote in his blog that it “felt like I was writing Mahoutsukai no Yoru 6.” 

    Additionally, on the topic of Alice Kuonji’s 3rd Acension, Nasu stated, “Oh, you want to know what’s up with Alice’s 3rd Ascension? I’ll tell you eventually, when the next Night comes.” Over here, we’re simply holding out that we do eventually get Witch on the Holy Night 23, as we were teased many years ago. But hey, we’ll take six games, too, if that’s in the cards. It truly does seem there is a future for the beloved visual novel, but Type-Moon must first clear projects such as the far side routes of Tsukihime, dubbed as Tsukihime -The other side of red garden-. Since Nasu is in charge of the scenario for Mahoyo, it’s likely we will not receive any news on any potential sequel until he is able to focus on it.

    Witch on the Holy Night is now available across PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The game is currently on sale at all digital storefronts, so pick it up for a discount while you still can! Be sure to check out our review of the game here

    For more about the Fate/Grand Order x Witch on the Holy Night collaboration, stay tuned for our thoughts later this week!

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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