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    Studio MDHR tweeted earlier today, stating that they are still in search of a programmer to join the team. As of this writing, Studio MDHR has 19 employees according to their website. Studio MDHR is known for their masterpiece Cuphead, the game that took the world by a storm when it launched in 2017. Currently they are working on Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, which is DLC for Cuphead. The job description says this programmer will be working on Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course and their next project.

    Check out the official description of the job below, straight from Studio MDHR’s official site.


    Who We Are:

    Studio MDHR is an award-winning independent entertainment studio, and the creators of the whimsical cartoon run & gun game Cuphead.


    We’re a Canadian company, but we’re also a fully distributed team! This means you’ll be working from whatever location makes you most comfortable. For ease of team communication, we are ideally looking for someone based in the Greater Toronto Area.

    The Role:

    We’re looking for a talented programmer to join the studio. Under the guidance of our Art and Design Directors, you’ll be helping us prototype and build our next major project. Alongside a small team of fellow engineers, you’ll be responsible for solving unique problems that enable Studio MDHR to continue building hand-crafted experiences that surprise and delight people.

    As a nimble, remote-work team, we try to avoid bureaucracy and strict hierarchies. This means that from the first commit to the last, you’ll be involved in all major parts of the codebase. As needed, your day-to-day work may also involve contributing to updates, fixes, and other engineering work for our flagship release, Cuphead.

    Essential Skills:

    Proficiency in widely used game development frameworks, with a preference toward Unity
    • Experience of at least one full game production cycle on a shipped game, with the ability to speak to the full scope of the project
    • Meticulous attention to detail, with a dedication to writing clean, performant code
    • Confidence working closely with artists and on art implementation during development
    • A sense of craftsmanship: you invest love and care into the little details that people may not notice
    • Diligent, self-motivated work ethic: as a distributed team, it’s crucial that you manage your time well, and adjust deftly to guidance and direction

    Ideal Extras:

    Strong fluency in C# / C++
    • A history shipping games on console
    • Knowledge of 2D content creation pipelines
    • A skillset that includes technical art implementation”

    Are you interested in applying? Check it out here!

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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