Rumor: Sony Interactive Entertainment potentially could acquire Remedy Entertainment

    According to PushSquare, Sony Interactive Entertainment potentially could be acquiring Remedy Entertainment in the future. They mentioned that sources close to them have heard Sony Interactive Entertainment is potentially going to bid on the company. In their recent article titled Feature: Which Studios Could Sony Realistically Acquire?, PushSquare mentioned this when talking about Remedy Entertainment:

    “We’ve also heard from a number of sources that Sony is lining up a bid, although the company’s recent reacquisition of the Alan Wake brand casts some doubt on that speculation.”

    Remedy Entertainment was founded in 1995, and has put out many well received games over the past 20 years. Remedy Entertainment’s next game, Control, is set to release this year, and is very anticipated by many in various communities. The Alan Wake franchise’s publishing rights were given back to Remedy Entertainment very recently, which could potentially mean a sequel could possibly be coming in the future.

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