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    SEGA looking to hire producers & designers for PSO 2: New Genesis division & “super-game” project

    As previously reported, Microsoft and SEGA are teaming up for a new "super-game" utilizing the Azure cloud-based tools and platform. SEGA appears to be...

    SEGA confirms strategic partnership with Microsoft doesn’t include Xbox exclusives

    Recently, SEGA clarified some details regarding their strategic partnership with Microsoft (Thanks, VGC). According to the company, this partnership will not result in Xbox...

    SEGA to invest $882 million over the next 5 years for a new “super game”

    SEGA is looking to make big investments going forward with a new "super game" project (Thanks, VGC). According to their latest annual report and...

    Microsoft & SEGA announce strategic partnership to develop “large-scale global” games built with Azure cloud services

    Microsoft and SEGA have announced a strategic partnership to develop "large-scale global" games built with the Azure cloud platform. With the widespread deployment of...

    Microsoft Azure server traffic has increased by 775% during the coronavirus outbreak

    The need for virtual machines, rise in cloud computing and online traffic has surged Microsoft's Azure servers lately. The traffic surge for the Azure...

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