Zenless Zone Zero Collaboration With Street Fighter 6 Announced

    A brand-new collaboration out of nowhere!

    The X/Twitter account of Zenless Zone Zero announced that they are doing a collaboration with Street Fighter 6. There will be a Creators Roundtable between the two games’ developers on June 29. There is no information on what this roundtable will reveal, but stay tuned for more information here at Final Weapon.

    Zenless Zone Zero x Street Fighter 6 – A Brand New Collaboration!

    Check out the official tweet below, via miHoYo:

    Players may pre-register for Zenless Zone Zero on Android via Google Play, iOS via App Store, PC via Epic Games Store, and PS5 via PlayStation Store. Thus far, over 43 million players around the world signed up, according to the official website. At launch, players will receive a slew of rewards, including include 20 Master Tapes, the playable Agent Corin, 30,000 Dennies, and Boopons. 

    Zenless Zone Zero is set in a post-apocalyptic world where supernatural disasters called “Hollows” destroyed modern society. New Eridu is the last remaining city for civilization, and players assume the role of “Proxy” in order to guide adventurers in the Hollows. The game’s unique cast of characters will come together to explore these areas, face tough enemies, and unlock the mysteries of New Eridu.

    Street Fighter 6, launched globally on June 2, 2023, evolves the franchise with its proprietary RE ENGINE. The game offers three main modes: World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub. World Tour mode allows for a single-player adventure in Metro City, while the Battle Hub offers a social space for player interaction and competition. Fighting Ground is where players can experience arcade mode, training mode, ranked matches, and more.

    Moreover, players can experience a new level of combat with options for Classic, Modern, and Dynamic controls, and a new Drive Gauge system.

    Our review praises the game for its excellent value at launch. The game impresses with solid mechanics, vibrant visuals, a memorable soundtrack, and rich content. The game is very accessible to newer fighting game players with a content-rich story mode and interactive online lobby.


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