MultiVersus Reveals Patch Notes for Update 1.02

    The notes are in!

    MultiVersus revealed the patch notes for update 1.02 on the game’s official website. The new update includes performance changes for Xbox players and desyncs in matches. Additionally, several changes have been made to characters’ abilities, perks, and more. Also, Player First Games repaired Iron Giant, so he is now out of the shop and ready for battle.

    Player First Games wants fans to know that they are listening to fan feedback on social media and are working hard to satisfy their experience. Even after this patch, the developers encourage players to provide more criticism.

    MultiVersus Update 1.02 Patch Notes

    multiversus 1.02 patch notes

    Check out the patch notes below, via Player First Games:


    • All characters now incur a 15-frame repeat-move lockout on their ground side attack combo. This will prevent individual fighters from alternating ground side attack and dodge to lock enemies in hitstun for extended periods of time. 
    • Camera minimum distance in 1v1 has been increased 
    • All available Profile Icons, Banners, Badges, Ringouts and Announcer Packs will appear in the Account Cosmetics section of the Fighters tab. Previously only some unowned cosmetics were shown. 

    General Bug Fixes 

    • Addressed more issues impacting performance on Xbox Series X|S
    • Fixed 2 issues causing matches to Desync
    • Fixed an issue where parrying an attack would not always put the victim into parry stun 


    Air Walker 

    • Now limited to one use per airtime 
    • Fixed an issue where attempting to spawn a platform would not consume an air evade 
    • Fixed an issue where LeBron could not spawn a platform when he did not have a basketball 

    = Buff 
    – = Nerf
    ~ = Change
    = Bugfix 
    Note: Attacks callouts reference default controls. 

    Banana Guard 

    • Ground Side Special 
      • – Active hitbox window reduced 2 frames 

    Black Adam 

    • Ground Side Attack 1 
      • – Jump branch window delayed 6 frames 
    • Ground Side Attack 2 
      • – Jump branch window delayed 8 frames 

    Bugs Bunny 

    • Ground Down Special 
      • * Fixed an issue where Bugs could cancel hitstun by jumping in certain conditions 


    • Air/Ground Side Special (Cooldown) 
      • ~ Knockback angle made more vertical 


    Gizmo’s maneuverability and size make him incredibly difficult to pin down. His movement combined with his incredibly strong zoning game make it nearly impossible for some characters to ever get the edge against him. These changes should help bring Gizmo’s evasiveness more in line with the cast so it’s easier for other characters to get up close and punish.

    • Ground Side Attack 2 
      • – Dodge branch window delayed 10 frames 
      • – Prevents terrain bounce on knockback 
    • Air/Ground Neutral Attack 
      • – On-whiff branch window delayed 8 frames 
      • – Cooldown is no longer refunded on successful fire arrow hit 
    • Ground Side Special 
      • – Car HP reduced to 8 from 10 
      • – Car explosion hitbox size reduced 25% 
      • – Car maximum overheat duration reduced to 1.25s from 2s 
      • – Cooldown increased to 18s from 15s 
    • Air Side Special 
      • ~ Now always transitions to umbrella float if attack whiffs 

    Harley Quinn

    Harley’s slide and up attack were granting her very easy combos for very little risk. These changes should keep her combo game intact, while making slide and up attack feel less like “do everything” buttons.

    • Ground Up Attack 
      • + Base knockback increased to 1800 from 1663 
      • – On-hit branch window delayed 10 frames 
    • Ground Down Attack
      • – Start-up window before charge increased 4 frames. Start-up window after charge increased 2 frames. 
      • ~ Slide combos into follow-ups faster. Hitstun reduced significantly to compensate. 
      • – Maximum movement from charge reduced 15% 
      • ~ Now ignores player collisions during movement 
      • – Leg hurtbox size increased slightly 

    Iron Giant

    Iron Giant play was dominated by his easy-to-input infinites and a few early-kill setups. We’re hoping that removing his most egregious setups will make him feel more like the rest of the cast, and we feel good about letting players play with him again.

    • Passive 
      • – Rage meter gain from ally damage taken reduced to 60% of damage taken from 80% 
      • – Rage meter gain from ally ringout reduced to 30% of total meter from 35% 
      • – Defensive burst cooldown increased to 29s from 25s 
      • ~ Defensive burst knockback made more horizontal 
      • – Defensive burst knockback reduced 
    • Ground Down Attack 
      • ~ Knockback angle made more horizontal (incorrectly listed on previous patch) 
    • Ground Side Special 
      • * Fighters are now immediately released when Iron Giant performs an emote 
      • * Fighters are now immediately released when Iron Giant leaves the ground 
      • – Grab release knockback angle made more horizontal 
      • – Grab release hitstun reduced 
      • – Start-up window increased
      • + Armor applied earlier 
    • Rage Mode Ground Down Attack 
      • – Now incurs a repeat-move lockout to prevent infinitely trapping enemies 
    • Rage Mode Air/Ground Up Attack 
      • Cooldown increased to 1.5s from 0.75s 
    • Rage Mode Neutral Special 
      • * Fixed an issue where Iron Giant was performing his non-rage neutral special while in rage mode 


    • Ground Dash Attack 
      • + Now blocks projectiles 


    • Air/Ground Neutral Attack 
      • * Fixed an issue where firing a grenade lock-on projectile would trigger Morty’s snakes cooldown 
    • Ground Side Attack 
      • * Fixed an issue where Morty could not jump or dodge during his side attack combo 


    • Ground Side Attack 1 
      • – Jump branch window delayed 6 frames 


    We have reverted the Shaggy Air Neutral Attack so that it can be canceled earlier on hit, but it did not get into this patch. This change will be coming in a patch in the very near future.

    • Ground Side Attack 2 
      • – Jump branch window delayed 11 frames 
    • Air/Ground Neutral Special 
      • * Fixed an issue where Shaggy would float away while charging rage under certain conditions 


    • Ground Side Attack 3 
      • – Removed ability to jump or dodge during rapid-jab attack 


    • Air Down Attack 
      • + Hitbox size increased 
      • – Now incurs a repeat-move lockout to prevent infinitely trapping enemies 

    The Joker 

    We are aware of The Joker’s strength and are assessing ways to bring him more in line with the current cast of fighters. These balance changes will be introduced into an upcoming patch.

    • Air Side Special 
      • – On-whiff branch window delayed 5 frames 

    Tom & Jerry 

    • Ground Side Attack 2 
      • – Hitstun reduced slightly 
    • Ground Side Attack 3 
      • – Hitstun reduced slightly 


    We are aware of some early feel issues with Velma following the initial launch. These are the start of some planned adjustments we have for her, and we will have more to share in the coming weeks.

    • Ground Side Attack 
      • + More reliably combos from attack 2 to attack 3 
    • Air/Ground Neutral Attack 
      • + Hitbox now better covers Velma’s arm and head 
      • ~ Removed automatic targeting on ally 
    • Air Up Attack 
      • + Increased movement control
    • Air Down Attack 
      • + Increased movement control 
    • Air/Ground Down Special 
      • + Cooldown reduced to 80s from 120s 
    • Air Side Special 
      • + Increased movement control 

    Wonder Woman

    We are aware of Wonder Woman’s strength and are assessing ways to bring her more in line with the current cast of fighters. These balance changes will be introduced into an upcoming patch.

    • Passive 
      • – Bracer Meter now resets when Wonder Woman is rung out 

    MultiVersus is a free-to-play platform fighter featuring an all-star cast of iconic characters. It invites players into an expansive universe where iconic characters from different realms collide. In this free-to-play game, players can engage in intense 2v2 battles, choosing from many characters like Batman, Shaggy, LeBron James, and Rick and Morty.

    Moreover, each character has unique abilities that dynamically complement one another. There are also maps for each character, such as Batman’s Batcave and the Treefort of Jake and Finn. Furthermore, MultiVersus offers a variety of play modes, including 1v1 duels and a 4-Player Free For All. Also, check out the parry mechanic that Warner Bros. Games revealed last month. You can parry in the air and on the ground against attacks. After parrying an attack, you can freely attack back with a powerful attack or start a combo. 

    MultiVersus will release on May 28 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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