Tekken 8 Reveals Patch Notes for Update 1.04.00

    Many nerfs and many buffs within this patch!

    Tekken 8 revealed the patch notes for the upcoming update 1.04.00 on Bandai Namco’s website. The new update will include additional items to the TEKKEN SHOP, functional improvements, and bug fixes. Additionally, players can also look forward to moves being adjusted for some characters. This news comes from Tekken‘s official X/Twitter account.

    Bandai Namco recently unveiled the roadmap for the rest of season 1 for Tekken 8. Many free updates will arrive throughout the year, starting with the upcoming patch 1.04. Players can download the update on May 7 at 7 PM (PDT). However, server maintenance will happen beforehand on the same day from 6:30 PM to 12:00 AM (PDT). Remember that during server maintenance, all online content will not be accessible. 

    Tekken 8 Update 1.04.00 – The Patch Notes

    tekken 8 1.04.00 patch notes

    The new items that will be added to the TEKKEN SHOP will be two new costume packs for all playable characters, a legacy costume for Lili, and one free avatar customization item. Furthermore, Bandai Namco announced many functional improvements and bug fixes will be coming. In particular, the replay mode will allow players to skip entrance and victory animations during replay playback.

    Lastly, the developers made many changes to the battle system and characters. The heat system and wall mechanics were amongst the most touched in the patch. Bandai Namco also stated what their battle balance adjustment direction will be like in the future. To check out the specific patch notes, click here for the details.

    Tekken 8 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Stay tuned for more Tekken 8 guides and news at Final Weapon. In the meantime, check out our latest guide on how to improve at the game as well as our review:

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