Former Sony Head Gio Corsi Joins Nintendo of America

    Leading a AAA third-party team at Nintendo.

    Former Iron Galaxy Studios head of commercial, IllFonic chief product officer, and Sony Interactive Entertainment head of global second part Gio Corsi has joined Nintendo of America. Corsi is part of the company’s AAA third-party games portfolio management team.

    During his tenure at Sony Interactive Entertainment, he led the “Building the List” initiative, which helped the Yakuza series come back to the west. At the time, the future of localized Yakuza releases was in the air. He also led various initiatives for the PlayStation Vita. 

    Gio Corsi Joins Nintendo of America

    As part of the AAA third-party portfolio management team, Corsi will help bring major games to Nintendo Switch and likely, Nintendo Switch 2

    “This week I began my new gig filled with fun and adventure!” Corsi said on Twitter. “I’ve joined the Nintendo of America AAA third-party portfolio management crew to help great teams bring their amazing games to this legendary platform! On a personal note, Papa Mario is very proud! Here we go!!!”

    This past February, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed that they have laid off 900 employees across their entire gaming division. The affected companies are Insomniac, Naughty Dog, Guerilla, and Firesprite. In addition, PlayStation’s London Studios, known for their work on the Eye Toy peripheral as well as the EyePet, SingStar, and PlayStation VR Worlds games, has been closed down in its entirety.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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